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Herb is the word

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This blog entry is all about a unique concept – indoor gardens in the kitchen. But that’s crazy, right? Obviously kitchens belong indoors, and gardens belong outdoors, and you could never put a kitchen in a garden or a garden in a kitchen. Right?! We already know about outdoor kitchens (please refer to my award winning entry here:… Read more »

The Kitchen Triangle

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In this blog entry we’re going back to the basics. While the word “triangle” might conjure any number of images — the pyramids, the Bermuda Triangle, The Toblerone Controversy, a slice or three of Fresh Slice’s Butter Chicken Feast pizza (no? just me?) — here I’m using it to refer to a handy and economical system of… Read more »

Pet Friendly Kitchens


While most people think of their whole family when considering what type of kitchen is best for them, they often forget some very important family members – their pets. Unfortunately, man’s best friend isn’t always a kitchen’s best friend. However, there are ways to make your kitchen more friendly towards your pets, while also limiting… Read more »

Environmentally Friendly Kitchens

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A current positive trend in kitchen design is the desire to make them as green as possible (and by that I mean environmentally friendly). There are many options out there for those of you that want a kitchen that’s easy on the eyes and on the earth. Here are a few eco-friendly solutions for your household. Recycled Glass Countertops… Read more »

Backsplash: The Sequel

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  Images from Welcome back! Last week we talked about backsplash options in terms of material. Today we continue on to talk about backsplash patterns. There are tons of new and innovative ways to arrange your backsplash, and I’ll briefly touch on those as well. For now, let’s take a look at some of… Read more »