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No matter what style of kitchen you have, it’s always a challenge to keep it clean. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and a high amount of traffic means a high (and diverse) amount of mess. While there is no foolproof way to keep the mess out, there are innovations and design choices out there that will help you eliminate some of it.

Built in garbage/compost


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Food scraps and other countertop debris is a definite pain. While you can scrap it off the countertop and into the garbage can, there are usually stray pieces that escape and go off to start a new life under your fridge. A solution to this is to cut a hole in your countertop or even your wall that leads to a compost or garbage bin. It can be covered when not in use and the bins can be easily removed and emptied when full.

Organized cleaning supplies

closet system

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One of the first steps to keeping a kitchen clean is to keep your cleaning supplies organized. Closet systems like the one above have designated sections and specially tailored hooks and attachments for several types of supplies. There’s space enough to store both large equipment- ironing boards, vacuums, and buckets – and smaller utensils such as detergent, brushes, and gloves. In the event of a Cleaning Emergency, you’ll always know where to find everything.

Drop zones and kitchen offices


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The kitchen is often the family headquarters, which means that all the family’s stuff seems to accumulate there. Designate an area for these things by introducing an office or drop station to your kitchen layout. You can add charging stations, a chalkboard, dry-erase, and/or corkboard for memos, filing systems, hooks for car keys, and a section for posting grocery and To Do lists. You can organize further by designating an area for each family member



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Now that the wet weather is back and school is back in, muddy boots and backpacks are going to reappear as well. Consider adding a mudroom adjacent to the kitchen with a space for boots, unique individual cubbies for coats and other belongings, and a sink for washing up. You can even add a dog-wash area to cut down on those paw prints!


Besides innovative additions to your kitchen, there are also some choices you can make in the overall design to cut down on mess:


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CountertopsLaminate and quartz countertops are more low-maintenance and easier to clean than other porous options such as marble and wood. If you believe in “out of sight, out of mind,” go with a patterned design; they hide messes better than solid colours.



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Flooring: Ceremaic/porcelian tile, hardwood, and vinyl are the easiest to keep clean, though the grout between tile often attracts stains.


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