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Ah, the mornings. If you are one of those people that springs right out of bed, ready to greet the day with a smile on your face, then A) I definitely can’t relate and B) this post might not be of much use to you. For the rest of us, it’s always nice to have shortcuts to get through our mornings. Here are a few innovations that can make your morning routine a little easier:

Pull out pantries 


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Let’s start with the most important part of your morning: breakfast. Not everyone has the time or energy to make an elaborate breakfast in the morning; half the trouble is trying to find all the ingredients in the maze of pantries and cupboards. Converting your pantry’s normal shelves into roll outs and pull outs allows you to maximize storage while increasing accessibility. However, make sure that you confine them to the lower shelves – you won’t be able to reach into roll outs that are too high.

Coffee station


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Coffee is the life-force of non Morning People. While some people can hold off until they get to the nearest Tim Hortons or Starbucks, not everyone has the time or energy to wait for store-bought. A coffee station is an essential part of any kitchen for those that need to get through their morning routine quicker. Not only does it quickly and efficiently give you the energy you need to get things done, it also helps you skip the huge lines of people who hate mornings at your local coffee spot. Your station can easily be tailored to your needs: add areas for tea, filter storage, one-use cups, cutlery, or even a chalkboard for to-do lists and gentle-but-firm reminders for the family.

Feeding station for pets


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When morning comes you’re not the only one that’s going to be hungry. Keep your pets satisfied and away from your feet by creating a feeding station. You can store their food and bowls out of sight and out of your way, and pull them out when you need them (which is often way too early in the morning.)

Charging stations

Charging station

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Chances are you also won’t be the only one in need of a morning recharge. Drop your phones and tablets off at your charging center and rest assured that they will be ready to go when you are. Dividers can be used to make sure that cords don’t get tangled and that your electronics don’t bump into each other. Add a messaging center and a filing area to create a tiny headquarters for your family’s daily operations.

Chrome rings


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Now that breakfast for everyone is out of the way, it’s time to concentrate on getting yourself ready. Styling routines will always vary from person to person (I’m personally a fan of rolling out of bed, brushing my hair, and calling it a day) but there are some innovations that will benefit anyone, no matter how in-depth this part of your routine is. One of these is inset stainless cylinders. Hair styling tools like straighteners and curlers can be a hassle to store; not only do their cords get tangled, but they burn with the heat of a thousand suns once you’re done with them. A solution to this is to have a set of stainless cylinders inset into a pullout, so you can keep your tools separated while not having to worry about them burning anything important, like your cabinetry or your fingers. While it’s still not advisable to store them away when hot, the main function of these holders is to keep them safely stored and accessible.

Inserts for makeup/toiletries

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Makeup can be hard to keep track of.  Keep it secure and organized with drawer inserts. You can place it in any grouping or order you want, making it that much easier to grope for it and slap it on your face while half-awake. You’re less likely to cross-contaminate your palettes, and you can set up a system that suits you.

Clothing and Accessory Organizers


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Finding an outfit to wear is hard. Keeping track of that outfit can be even harder. Closet organizers will help keep things in order while making it easier to see the wide array of clothes and accessories. Jewelry organizers keep earrings safe and necklaces untangled; shoe holders both display and store your entire shoe collection; revolving hanger systems allow you to see all your options while keeping them in a manageable space; and tie and belt hangars keep things organized and separated.

See you next week!

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