A night on the town

It’s finally Friday! Time to go home, kick back, and relax (for a little while, at least). However, if you’re celebrating the end of your work week by heading out on the town, here are some innovations that will make it easier for you to get out the door:

Fold Out Ironing Board


Photo from http://www.richelieu.com/ca/en/category/kitchen-and-bathroom-solutions/bathroom/bathroom-and-laundry-room-storage-accessories/ironing-boards/fold-out-ironing-board/1034605/sku-CIB16CR

Let’s start with the outfit. If you’re like me and your idea of an organized closet is three piles of clothes – “clean”, “could probably wear again”, and “probably shouldn’t” – then odds are your clothes won’t exactly be wrinkle free. Instead of struggling with setting up an ironing board, use a unit like the one above. The board extends directly from the drawer and folds back inside when you’re finished with it.

Slide Out Shoe Rack


Photo from http://www.organizedinteriors.com/products/accessories/

Give your shoe collection the organization and attention it deserves with multi-level, slide-out storage. Organize them the way you like while lessening the chances they’ll be scuffed or mismatched, and you can find that perfect pair in no time at all.

Jewelry Organizers


As I’m sure you know, jewelry and other accessories can be a pain to store. Necklaces get tangled, rings get tarnished, earrings refuse to stay paired, and watches can get damaged. Specialized jewelry drawers and organizers keep things separated and safe, providing you with one location to store all your accessories without worrying about them mingling, disappearing, or breaking. You can tailor your jewelry area to suit your needs, including lining the drawers with soft materials and creating a glass cutout in the countertop, like the one above.

Pant Rack


Photo from http://www.homedit.com/closet-features-that-make-storage-a-breeze/

Cut down on ironing and searching for that elusive pair of jeans by implementing a pant rack into your closet design.

Pull out mirror


Photos from http://www.richelieu.com/ca/en/category/closet-solutions/mirrors/pull-out-closet-mirror/1052074

Get one final look at your outfit with a pull out mirror. You’ll have the convenience of seeing yourself only when you’re ready to, as well as keeping the mirror safely tucked away when not needed.

Pop-up Power Bar


Photo from http://www.richelieu.com/ca/en/category/lighting-solutions/communication-and-power-access-boxes/richelieu-2-plug-pop-up-power-bar/1057757?s=pop+up+power+tower

Face it: plans change. You’re going to want to keep up to date for as long as possible before you leave the house, and you can’t do that if your phone is dead. Pop-up power bars provide a quick and obvious place for you to charge your phone before heading out, reducing the chances of you leaving without it (or missing a crucial message in the group chat).

Wine Bar

custom-contemporary-sapele-wine-room-207-12Then again, if going out really isn’t your thing, maybe you could go for a night in. A custom bar isn’t only a great place for you to store alcohol; it can also serve as a sanctuary within your home.

See you next week!

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