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When it's just been one of those days (. . . weeks . . . months . . .) Hello once again from the end of my kitchen table, this time with boxed macaroni and more blankets! When not in the home office I assume that those of us that…

Online Design

Hello everyone! I'm blogging from the end of my kitchen table (which feels like the end of the world haha 😫). I'll be working from home (and shopping from home, and reading books from home, and watching She-Ra: Princesses of Power from home) for the foreseeable future, and it got…

2019 in Review

Another year is in the books, and it was one in which we ourselves were extremely booked. While my usual go-to method of recapping the year is a video, I thought this year we could also recap our Most Memorable Moments with a blog post. But since there were so…

2018 in review

2018 was a big year for us in many ways. We've been busier than ever and our staff has worked extremely hard to keep up with the demand. We've added new staff members, new equipment, and new buildings to our operations. We said goodbye to a few long-time members of…
Finally we are beginning to realize that this amazing kitchen belongs to us and is the result of a project completed by South Shore Cabinetry. When we began the process...
Ian & Debby - December 2013
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