How to select an interior designer

blogpic2An interior designer can help you turn any existing space into something that’s perfect for your life and your vision. Selecting the right interior designer can be a lengthy and difficult process, and we are all about simplifying your kitchen experience, we’ve decided to share some tips on how to find the perfect design partner:

1. Take a look at their existing catalogue of work. It always helps if you can take a preliminary look at what a designer is capable of before you arrange a meeting or consultation. Not only does it give you an opportunity to discover a design you like, but you can also gauge where their area of expertise lies. You can save both you and the designer time by checking their work out ahead of time and seeing if that’s the direction you want to go. And while it can also helpful to take a look at reviews from their previous clients, it’s sometimes best to formulate your own opinion about their skill level and compatibility with your design goals.

2.  Decide how much input you want and what you want them to look at. Layout, style, cabinet profiles, colour schemes, appliances, countertops, furniture, backsplash – a lot goes into a kitchen, and that means that a lot of decisions need to be made. One of those first decisions is deciding what you want to take on yourself and what you want to allot to the designer. The right interior designer should be able to work with you whether you’re starting from scratch and need help with everything but the kitchen sink, or whether you’ve decided on all aspects of your dream kitchen and just need a little professional confirmation.The designer should be able to work with your existing choices while also being able to suggest ways to improve or complement them. You want a designer that takes your opinions and wishes into consideration, finds a way to make them work, or suggests a better agreeable option if that’s not a possibility.

3.  Make sure you can keep in close contact. You want a designer that’s willing and able to keep in contact with you when your kitchen vision evolves and changes. While you don’t want to be calling them at all hours of the night because you’ve just seen something perfect on Pinterest, you want to be able to keep in regular contact with them as your ideas shift and form. Even if you’re confident that you know what you want for your space, those ideas and plans often shift throughout the design process, and you want to be able to confer with your designer when they do. While everyone has busy lives and correspondence often won’t be instantaneous, you should still be able to trust the designer’s ability to keep a constructive and timely dialogue going.

4.  If possible, have them look at the space in person. Finding a local designer can be difficult no matter where you live – they’re less likely to populate rural areas, and those in the city are continuously receiving a flow of customers. Though this makes on-site visits difficult, they are still very important. Pictures and hand-drawn plans often don’t do a space justice; designers like to be able to see spaces in person to gauge natural lighting, get a feel for the space in order to accurately come up with possible designs, and also to get a feel for your personality and how the kitchen can fit into your home and daily life. If possible it is always good to select a designer that can come and see your space in person, rather than relying on photos or a description over the phone. By getting to know your space, they can get to know you at the same time and provide a more accurate design that fits you.

5.  Be open to their ideas. Although “the customer is always right,” that doesn’t always apply when it comes to design. Interior designers are experts for a reason; although you might have had a detailed vision of your dream kitchen in your head since elementary school, an interior designer can help you make the dream into a practical and durable reality. There are so many new design styles, storage innovations, and modern appliances out there, and a designer has access to all of them. Being open to their suggestions will not only smooth out the design process and foster a better working relationship, but it will also help ensure that the end product will be the right fit for you for years and years to come.

Building or renovating a kitchen can be hard and stressful work. Finding the right designer to take that journey with you can ease the process and take some of the burden off of your shoulders. While it’s important for you to be involved, you don’t want to take on more than you can handle. The right interior designer will shoulder the load while still being willing to take your input and to work together to create the kitchen you’ve been envisioning. Here at South Shore Cabinetry, we have multiple designers that will do their absolute best to provide whatever you need to make your kitchen dreams a reality.

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