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While the jury’s still out on whether or not electronic innovations have been sent to Destroy Our Minds or make our lives easier, I definitely lean towards the latter. As a writer of a blog and various fanfiction, I feel compelled to point out that staring at a screen all day can yield fantastic results (take THAT, Mom!), Furthermore, as a millennial I feel compelled to defend electronics — I am all for electronic innovations that make it easier for me to go about my daily tasks, which include anything from scheduling to checking the weather to figuring out where to get my coffee fix. On a more kitchen-related note, here are just a few of the innovations – electronics or appliances – that are available for your kitchen, presented here with the hope that at least one of them will make your day a little easier:

Monitor Arm

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Forget propping up cookbooks or scrolling through your phone with sticky fingers — a monitor arm can hold your device for you. Go through recipes hands-free, video chat with your mom for advice, or watch your favourite programs while getting food ready. The arm easily moves your monitor back and forth, tucking it under the uppers when you don’t need it and bringing it out to a safe and convenient position when you do.

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No more frantic typing at the kitchen table!


Warming tray


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If you’re someone who frequently misjudges the time needed to prep and cook each part of your meal, then a) I completely understand and b) this appliance is for you. You can often find warming drawers under the range or in the kitchen island; drawers like the one pictured above have multiple sections and settings to accommodate whatever needs to be kept warm, and for however long. Whether you are cooking a multi-part meal, all sitting down for dinner at a different time, or hosting a party, the warming drawer will keep your food ready to go until you need it. It’s sanitary, safe, and organized food storage.

Pop up/pull up power bar

pull up

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The pop-up/pull-up power bar provides several different types of outlets and charging ports, while sliding effortlessly in and out of the countertop. It’s easy to spot when it’s needed and tucks neatly away when it’s not. The power bar can be installed anywhere in your kitchen, including the island, so you can choose the right area that’s out of the way but still easily accessible for your family and guests. And if you’re the type of person that accidentally leaves your phone plugged in when you leave the house, having a charging station sticking out of your countertop should at least draw your attention to it.

LED strip lighting


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LED strip lighting can be wrangled into any configuration you want and is available in a variety of colours, from traditional shades of white and light yellow, to bolder colours like red and green. Strip lighting is useful for valances, kick, and crown. You can use it for concentrated illumination or as a statement piece in your kitchen design. It’s perfect for those places that are hard to get light to, including corners and backsplash.

Soft touch opening systems


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Electromechanical opening systems are perfect for a baker with messy hands, someone with limited mobility, or anybody with their hands full of groceries or children. The drawers are fitted with a system that allows them to glide open with a slight touch or nudge, and they close just as smoothly. With a tap of your foot or hand, you save yourself from bending over, wrestling with handles, or trying to juggle whatever else you’re handling at the moment. Make sure to keep an eye on kids or pets though!


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