Laundry rooms

This week we’re moving on from working at home to…housework. The laundry room, though often the best smelling room in the house, isn’t traditionally a room you want to spend a lot of time in. We can change that! The laundry rooms below are functional, stylish, innovative, and, above all else, all made by us. What more could you want? đŸ˜‰ Here are some ideas to make laundry seem like less of a chore (yes, it is possible!).


008_final-843x1024While we all aspire to carry instant stain remover around with us, that’s not usually the case. Having a large sink for hand washing difficult stains and delicate material is…well, handy. It also provides an alternative to the kitchen or bathroom sink for dirty jobs, and it is perfectly positioned if you need to give the laundry room a good scrub-down.

Hanging rod


This laundry room is our most popular project on Houzz ( One of its most talked-about features is the hanging rod. As someone who has to remove and replace her hanging laundry from the shower rod every morning, a hanging rod would be an invaluable addition to my Dream Laundry Room. With a clearance of 36″, this rod can accommodate most clothing and will provide you with an isolated and wrinkle-free environment for your most finicky clothes.

Ironing board storage

021_finalUnfortunately doing the laundry involves a lot more than just throwing the clothes in and taking them out. Keep tools such as your ironing board on hand with a designated cubby, or you can always opt for a smaller version that pulls out from the drawer.

Open shelves


Store your laundry baskets and supplies in open shelving units to add a bit of aesthetic flair to your laundry room – if they’re going to be in there anyways, you might as well make them work for the design! It also makes it easier to pull the baskets in and out and keep track of all parts of your washing routine, from the soap to the clothes-pegs.

Extra storage


From boxes of dryer sheets to piles of excess coats to handfuls of hangers – well, you get the idea. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into a laundry room besides clothes. Having a little extra storage around the house never hurts, and the laundry room can be the perfect place to add it.


See you next week!

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