Millwork and Mistletoe

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In the words of that majorly depressing John Lennon song, “and so this is Christmas.” After months of online shopping and offline shopping and subtle hinting and grocery shopping and intensive cleaning and juggling schedules and keeping your new puppy from attacking your decorations (no? just me?), it’s finally (almost) here! While I can’t help you with the cooking or gifting, I can give you a few tips to put some holiday spirit in your home decor.

Away on a mantel

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The mantel is no longer just a place to hang the stockings with care. Use your mantel to display holiday heirlooms, Christmas village collections, or family photos from the holiday season. The area above is the perfect place to hang themed artwork or photographs for Santa to admire as he’s placing the presents under the tree. The mantel is also a great place to keep advent calendars and the cookies and milk away from prying fingers and paws.

Deck the hall…way bench

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As guests file in and out of your home this holiday season they’re going to need a place to remove those snowy boots and coats. If you have a mudroom or entryway seating area you can make it a little more festive with garland or string lights, themed pillows and blankets, holiday signage and artwork, and other assorted festive knick-knacks. Your mudroom makes both the first and last impression on your holiday guests, so don’t be afraid to go all out!

Put “entertainment” back in “entertainment center”


Surround your surround sound with Christmas decor that might just take your eye off those Hallmark Christmas movie marathons…at least for a moment. Mini trees, twinkling lights, family photos, and nativity sets can set the mood and make things nice and cozy when you snuggle up in your kerchief and cap. You can also coordinate your entertainment center decor so that it complements your Christmas tree. Here’s to a lively living room!

Elf your shelf

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Built-in shelves are a great place to store the more fragile holidays decorations, including candles, ceramic and porcelain figurines, and heavier wooden or iron pieces. Loading your shelves with holiday paraphernalia can serve as a great backdrop for your Christmas tree and as a safe space to store your most beloved decorations, giving you peace of mind as you celebrate peace on Earth.

The Island of Christmas Joys


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Finally, the kitchen! The kitchen is always a hub of activity during the holiday season, so you want decorations that are both impressive and out of the way. Garland on the hood fan canopy, cute Christmas-y table cloths and runners, and island centerpieces are a great way to carry on your home’s holiday theme without getting in the way of your parties for hosting or turkey for roasting.

Happy Holidays!!!
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