With the return of wet weather and the kids back in school, it wouldn’t hurt to look into cutting down on some of the mess and chaos. Mudrooms are a great way to decrease mess while also serving as a way to introduce people to your home and giving them a place to store their belongings and make themselves comfortable. Mudrooms don’t have to be totally utilitarian either; they can be stylish and unique while still serving their purpose. Check out these mudroom essentials:

Seating Area


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Have you ever seen someone try to take their shoes off standing up? While it’s often an amusing sight, it can be avoided by providing guests with a place to sit and remove their footwear and outer layers.

Bench Storage


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Benches are also great for discreet storage. It’s the perfect place for children’s toys, blankets, accessories, books, or anything else that takes up space in your entryway.

Individual Lockers/ Cubbies


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It can be hard to keep track of what goes where and what belongs to whom. Individual cubbies are a great way to keep things separated while giving each family member a chance to be creative with their space. Each person gets their own area to keep their things and a designated space to get ready to leave the house. An organized drop zone, like the one above, ensures that the most important essentials of school, work, and daily life aren’t lost in the mix.

Work station


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Another way to keep organized on the way in and out of the house is to add a desk and work station to your mudroom. It can be a quiet place to work while still giving you a chance to keep an eye on what’s happening in and around the household.

Boot Wash Area


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Dirty boots and shoes put the “mud” in “mudroom” – literally. Take care of this problem with a boot wash area, complete with towel and coat hooks.

Dog Wash Area


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Let’s move on from muddy boots to muddy paws. It only makes sense that dogs are the messier members of the household when it comes to dirt (it’s those two extra feet). You can add a dog wash area to your home to make sure they’re ready to enter your nice clean house after each outside adventure.

Memo Boards


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Finally, add personalized message boards for last minute reminders and individualized scheduling.


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