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The return of spring means the return of the blog! With the continuous hope that April showers will turn into May flowers (I know, let’s all laugh together), let’s take a look at some ways you can transform your outdoor space for the upcoming summer months.

You could put in a firepit


Photo from http://www.hgtv.com/design/outdoor-design/outdoor-spaces/fire-pits-and-fireplaces/30-cool-fire-pit-ideas-pictures?s=1&soc=pinterest

Everybody knows that the best part of camping is eating raw marshmallows while everyone else cooks theirs over the fire (No? Just me?). In any case, you can enjoy the great outdoors in the safety of your own backyard (fire ban permitting) at a rate that’s much cheaper than most campgrounds these days. And when you’re finished, head inside and enjoy your nice warm bed. It’s the best of both worlds!


You could take your BBQ to the next level


Photo from http://www.bhg.com/kitchen/outdoor/outdoor-kitchen-designs/

What could be better than a BBQ? How about a BBQ plus sink plus counter space plus cabinets plus oven plus fridge plus cute rustic light fixtures! Enjoy a full-course meal from a fully-equipped outdoor cooking center. Also, if you have to dishes, doing them outside surrounded by nature and friends/ family is definitely the best way (even if they often refuse to help).

You could eat out more (outside, that is)


Photo from https://www.instagram.com/p/BCoD2P2iyMo/

If cooking outdoors isn’t your thing, you can try just eating outdoors. An outdoor dining table and sitting area is nice for special events or just a regular meal. You can plant flowers and greenery to spruce (ha) it up during the day and add some practical decorative lighting to keep the party going long into the night.*

*We are not responsible for any bug bites sustained during these activities

You could downsize


Photo from http://www.atrasdamoita.com/churrasqueira-decoracao-na-area-de-lazer

Let’s face it — not everyone will have room for a large, sprawling outdoor space. Sometimes compact is a better way to go. This unit here is conveniently located poolside and contains everything you need — cooking/prep space, storage, and ventilation. It safely stores away in bad weather and is easily accessible when the mythical sun finally shines again.

You could go all out


Photo from https://www.zillow.com/digs/craftsman-porches-5336874762/

I don’t even know what to say about this. A TV! A bar area! A seating area! A BBQ! It’s like someone took a high-end house and turned it inside out. You wouldn’t even have to go inside for hours. Invite your family, your friends, the whole neighbourhood, and entertain to your heart’s content. Or just sit by yourself and take full advantage of the bar as you watch your favourite guy get kicked off “The Bachelorette,” or your favourite sports team get kicked out of the playoffs for the hundredth time (Former Canucks Fan here).

You could have the best of both worlds


Photo from http://www.eckmacneely.com/

There’s benefits to both indoor and outdoor spaces, especially when it comes to cooking and eating, so why not have a space that incorporates both? Prepare the meals and do clean up inside and eat and socialize outside. A sliding window can be used to bring some fresh air in on nice days and keep the kitchen safe and dry during bad weather.


See you next entry!

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