Pet Friendly Kitchens

While most people think of their whole family when considering what type of kitchen is best for them, they often forget some very important family members – their pets. Unfortunately, man’s best friend isn’t always a kitchen’s best friend. However, there are ways to make your kitchen more friendly towards your pets, while also limiting messes and making sure they can be in there safely. Win win! The solutions that work best for you are dependent on what type of pet you have, of course, so I’ve tried to touch on a wide array of innovations for different pets (Except spiders. I have no solution for that, except maybe “rethink that idea”). Without further ado, here are eight pet-friendly solutions to make your kitchen truly fit for the whole family:

Built-in Crate


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If your pets are always getting under your feet but locking them up somewhere gives them uncontrollable separation anxiety and Pouty Faces, consider having their crate built into your kitchen. Your pets can still be close to you and you don’t have to worry about stepping on tails or paws, or your lovingly crafted food going mysteriously missing.

Hidden Door


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Let your pet have the run of the house and yard. This discreet cabinet gives your pet a chance to come in from the cold and snuggle up without tracking the great outdoors onto your floors. You can also easily leave food and water for them if you’re going to be gone all day and don’t want wild animals getting at it

Sliding Door


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If you want to keep your pets out of the kitchen altogether, a sliding door works wonders (except for anything that can crawl underneath, of course). It can also be tailored to match the rest of your kitchen design, becoming a seamless part of your decor.



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You can cutout spaces in your lower cabinetry to give your pet some hidey holes that lead to their litter box, a bed, or just a cool, dark area for them to sit and think about how much they love you. Or to bury your socks.

Built-in Aquariums


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Remember a couple weeks ago when I said that backsplash could be made from some pretty unique material? Well, here’s proof. Aquariums can be built into backsplash, islands, and can even work in place of appliances such as vessel sinks. However, above all else, make sure that the aquarium is appropriate for your fish and that they can be comfortable and thrive in that environment. Don’t sacrifice their comfort for aesthetic purposes.



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Add ledges for your cat to look over you and judge your cooking, just like it judges everything else. Elevated ledges such as the ones above (haha) are great for any animal that likes to climb or spend their time up high, from the usual pets like cats and birds to more exotic animals like monkeys.

Feeding Station


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One of the hardest parts of having a pet (or many) is finding a place to store all their supplies. Feeding stations provide one area for both food storage and bowls. You can use pullouts to store buckets of food and a lower drawer to store bowls, and then tuck them away when you don’t need them anymore.

Built-in Feeding Dishes


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If you want to keep food bowls in sight to keep your animals at ease, you can put them in your island. This keeps your pets in one place when it’s feeding time, and makes it easier for you to clean up any messes thanks to the restricted feeding area and its close proximity to the sink.

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