Residential Resolutions

It’s 2017! We made it! The start of a new year is the perfect (and perhaps only) time to think about resolutions. While most people focus on self-improvement (or financial improvement *raises hand*)  , there’s no reason they can’t be applied to home improvement as well.  Here’s some popular resolutions tailored to fit each room in your house.


A lot of resolutions have to do with eating healthier, eating less, exercising, or some other equally horrifying concept. While the kitchen is a great place to implement new eating habits, it’s also a good place to try new things. Invest in new appliances, try new recipes, do the dishes right after you eat for once – spice things up a little! You can rope the family into your crazy shenanigans as well. After all, someone has to try your culinary experiments.


Although keep it clean could reflect a desire to stop swearing so much (*raises hand again*), here I’ve applied it to the bathroom. The whole house can benefit from constant upkeep, but the bathroom is what guests are going to be judging you on – er, using the most. And wouldn’t it be nice to relax and unwind in the bath without staring at an overflowing garbage can or an abandoned sock?

laundry-roomThis year, don’t let things pile up – literally. Whether that means implementing a new system of dealing with laundry, adding in some storage, or getting a friend to text you gentle reminders every half hour, get ‘er done! Not only will your clothes thank you, you won’t be scrambling around to find something to wear every morning. The whole household benefits from an efficient laundry room.

bedroomThe start of a new year is the perfect time to organize. I don’t think I need to specify, because I know as soon as I said that you thought about the one part of your bedroom that…needs work. The bedroom should resemble your sanctuary, not an animal sanctuary, so do what you can to get it – and keep it – looking that way 😉

closetAs someone with 22 infinity scarves and only one neck, I’m perhaps not qualified to offer this advice, but I will anyways: purge your non-essential clothingClothing donations are appreciated now more than ever, especially since this winter has been unusually and exasperatingly colder than usual. Organize what remains into specialized categories, such as “might-fit-me-once-again-someday,” and “gifts-I-will-never-wear-but-am-too-guilty-to-give-away.”

living-areaFinally, let’s try for more family time. Gather around and talk to each other about your day, help with homework, binge watch a series, or play Monopoly if you have six hours to spare and a relationship that can withstand constant betrayal. 2017 holds lots of possibilities (not all of them great), so spend some time with the ones you love.


Speaking of, I’ve got a cat waiting for me at home. See you next blog!

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