Style of the Week: Country

blogpic3As you more than likely know, kitchens come in many different styles. This week’s featured style is Country. I’m going to give you a little introduction to Country style in this blog post and who knows, you might find that it has everything you’re looking for.

So what exactly is Country style? Country style kitchens are clean and simple designs that are intimate and homey in their simplicity. They incorporate materials such as detailed crown mouldings, glass-paneled cupboard doors, and cup pull handles; the colour schemes are warm and inviting, and the layout encourages the use of the kitchen as a gathering place in the household.

How does Country style compare to other styles? Country style puts an innovative spin on the Traditional kitchen while remaining more simplistic than Modern or Transitional. Its down-to-earth theme gives it a similar feel to the woodsy West Coast style, but it is much more of a domestic choice. Country style is comparable to a traditional kitchen but it always maintains a unique homey feel that you don’t find in Traditional designs.

Who is Country style for? Country style is best for those that are looking for a simple and clean design that still has a bit of flair. It works best in larger kitchens that can incorporate the many furnishings and innovative storage solutions that it often includes. If you want a warmly lit space that gives you a chance to gather your family while making use of the extensive cooking and food prep space, then Country style is the right one for you.

If you want to see some good examples of Country style, take a look at our website! We’re always updating our gallery with new projects, and you might just find the kitchen that speaks to you.

See you next week!

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