Style of the Week: Modern

This week’s featured style is Modern. If you’re tired of traditional kitchen layouts and subdued colours and designs, then you might be interested in the unique and bold Modern designs. Here’s a rundown of Modern style:

So what exactly is Modern style? Modern style is unique, bold, dramatic, and fresh. It combines bright colours, cutting-edge design work, irregular door and countertop profiles, innovative storage ideas, and exciting statement pieces. While a Modern kitchen favours design value over overall functionality, it is the perfect way to bring some edge to your home and get your guests talking.

How does Modern style compare to other styles? Modern is more up-to-date and cutting edge than Traditional, a lot less personal and intimate than Country, bolder and sharper than Transitional, and is probably as far away from the rural charm of West Coast as you can get.

Who is Modern style for? Modern style is for those seeking a unique perspective on what a kitchen can offer. If you like bold, eye-catching colour palettes and striking design choices, then Modern style could be what you’re looking for. If you want a kitchen that everyone will flock to and ooh-and-ahh over, you should definitely be open to what a Modern kitchen can provide.

See you next week!

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