Style of the Week: Traditional

traditional-cropSometimes it’s best to go back to basics. Traditional style is the most similar to your usual kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Traditional style relies on intricate details and refined materials to create a classic and functional space. Here’s what else Traditional style has to offer:

So what exactly is Traditional style? Traditional kitchens don’t have to be your run-of-the-mill kitchen. They can have classic materials that are utilized in a fresh way; for example, crown mouldings that top off detailed door profiles, a simple kitchen island with multiple innovative storage options, and a colour scheme that’s subdued but bright and inviting.

How does Traditional style compare to other styles? Traditional is more ornate than Transitional, more warm and inviting than Modern, and less thematic than West Coast and Country. Though the tendency may be to think of Traditional as the most simple style, Traditional kitchens are often intricately detailed and ornately designed. There are also multiple sub-sets of the Traditional style.

Who is Traditional style for? Traditional style is for those that want a refined but intricately designed kitchen. Traditional is subtle but not boring; it has all the storage, cooking, and food prep space that you need while often still maintaining the look of a classic kitchen. It has a grace and elegance that doesn’t undermine its capacity for comfort.

See you next week!

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