Style of the Week: Transitional

Transitional-cropHaving trouble deciding between kitchen styles? How about a design that encompasses the best traits of each? At its most simple, Transitional style can be described as a mixture of Traditional and Modern – less ornate than Traditional and less bold than Modern. If you want the best of all worlds, Transitional might be the style for you.

So what exactly is Transitional style? Transitional style combines the subtleties of Traditional style with the bold and stylish elements of Modern style. By utilizing design aspects such as simple details, bolder lines, and thicker profiles, a Transitional kitchen can have a conventional but comfortable environment. Transitional kitchens are down-to-earth and family friendly, but with the little flairs of intricate designs and unique profiles that make Modern kitchens so noteworthy.

How does Transitional compare to other styles? Transitional is a lot more Modern than Traditional, and a lot less Traditional than Modern! It’s also more generic and urban than both West Coast and Country style.

Who is Transitional style for? Transitional is for people who want the comforts of a Traditional kitchen with a bit of Modern flair when it comes to design, appliances, and storage solutions. Transitional combines positive aspects from multiple design styles and works well for people that aren’t set on one particular style. Transitional kitchens are great for people that want their kitchens to have an inviting feel, support a high amount of storage and foot traffic, and also have a fresh but recognizable look.

See you next week!

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