Style of the Week: West Coast

This week’s featured style is West Coast. West Coast is the most unique and specific style that we deal with, and anyone who lives around this area will recognize its woodsy and rustic appeal.

So what exactly is West Coast style? West Coast style is a celebration of the great outdoors. It combines details such as earthy tones, traditional profiles, and materials sourced from the Coast itself. West Coast has a very specific design scheme that allows it to be cozy while still reflecting the wilderness it’s inspired by.

How does West Coast style compare to other styles? West Coast borrows certain elements, such as door profiles, from Traditional, but it is a lot more specific in terms of themes and design inspiration. It is similar to Country style in terms of having such a specific design set, but it has less of a domestic feel. West Coast is reminiscent of Transitional in that it borrows from other styles (mostly Traditional) but still has its own unique designation.

Who is West Coast style for? West Coast kitchens are for those that want a cozy spot that borrows beauty from the surrounding locale. It invites you inside while still giving you the best the outside has to offer.

See you next week!


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